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O/T - Brakes hung up?

October 9 2017 at 5:43 PM

Doug Bender  (Login fairlaniac)

Over the weekend I was at Ocean City, MD's Endless Summer Cruise. 4 great days of cruising with thousands of other hot rodders. I had the '66 Fairlane out and all was well until late Saturday. A car passed me on the right, cut in front of me and immediately jammed the brakes due to heavy traffic. I did a panic stop really hammering the brake. It stopped fine, felt something odd through the pedal and stopped. Went to proceed and the back brakes were severely dragging. So I parked at one of the local parking lot shows. Hung out for a few hours and then headed back to our beach trailer 14 miles away. I figured if I burn the brakes up, no big deal and by the time I got back the smoke from the brakes was intense. The brakes were hot as can be. So I just loaded it on the trailer and came home on Sunday. The whole time the master cylinder would only allow me to push the pedal about 1/2" to 1" of total travel. The brakes still grabbed the front brakes and with the back brakes hung up, it stopped on a dime. So today I yanked the master cylinder (Ranger style). When I went to disassemble it I removed the clip holding the piston in and the back piston shot out like a bullet. I guess stored pressure? None of the components looked damaged. Any ideas what may have happened? Some pressure was still in the master cylinder but do you think the proportioning valve could be an issue?

I've always been a proponent of the Ranger M/C swap but I think if it fits, I may get a Wilwood master cylinder? Just not sure if I enjoy the thought of a $22 M/C stopping my Fairlane anymore?

I have new rear wheel cylinders, shoes, small parts kits in my NOS stash. The drums I may have turned or get new? Didn't decide on that yet as a thought of rear discs has entered in my mind.

Any thoughts of the cause?

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Doug Bender
1966 Fairlane 390/4-Spd
Fairlane Club of America - President

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