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Proportioning valve

October 10 2017 at 2:49 PM
Brian  (Login BrianJaspercoia)

Response to O/T - Brakes hung up?

West Coast Classic Cougar has a kit to rebuild the distribution and proportioning valves. What would have been interesting to know is if you opened a bleeder screw on one of the rear cylinders the rear brakes released. WCCC has a video on their website you can watch as they take the valves apart and put them back together.
When it comes to pedal push rod adjustment, you want the plunger in the master cyl to just uncover the compensating port with the pedal released. That's that port that squirts fluid up into the reservoir when you push on the pedal. If for some reason the pedal is no longer allowing the plunger to uncover the port you need to make the rod short enough to uncover the port.

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