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I will RJP. I had that problem on my very first hot rod. I remember the,

October 11 2017 at 3:49 PM

Mike U.  (Login mtrain)

Response to Before you reinstall the plugs..

I was just a kid at around 18 years old, and the engine was a real Boss 302 with a single Holley 750 dp carb on a tunnel ram.

As with my hot rods now, that car/engine would sit for a while until I could have time to play with it.

The compression was around 13:1 so the old Ford starter had a bit of a hard time cranking the engine.

Anyway, I tried to start the engine one day, and nothing. I was too young to figure it out other than I figured it was something truly horrible.

I had every mechanic we delivered to [I worked in autoparts at the time] come out to give it a shot. Nobody could figure it out as it had a Mallory HiFire box with a Mallory duel point dizzy [which was throwing everyone off with the problem].

Last, was an older mechanic my fathers age who told me to squirt a little oil in each spark plug hole, crank the engine without pumping the throttle, then squirt a little fresh fuel [back then the fuel lasted waaaaaaaaaaay longer before going bad] down the intake, and give it a try.

Well, as you guess, it fired right up!

Lesson learned prolonged starting attempts with a carbureted engine can wash down cylinder walls, rendering the piston rings ineffective.

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