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October 12 2017 at 3:14 AM
Torbj√∂rn Kristiansson  (Login Tobbemek)

Response to If it works at 30 go a another 10 and see how it does

First thing give your engine new plugs...
Timing is a coalition between crank angel and "burning" combustion speed and every type of engine has its own need period.. When one is getting way of line with timing from manufacturer settings on a fairly stock engine something is going on and as mentioned before can bee several things wires,cap rotor coil,wiring to coil ,dist, box and bad plugs. If you get a weak spark you have to start the combustion early to get engine running fairly ok.And carburater problems, vacuum leaks throwing the A/F rate out the window will need a different timing to run ok,a fat A/F ratio from carby burns slower and ofcause will foul your plugs if not emiditaly then later. Check if the spark is good from coil hold it 1/4 " from ground and have some boody cranking the engine, then you know if your ignition is ok to the Cap at least. But first thing get knew plugs in it, i could spend hours after hours with my bad english spelling telling you story's i have gone thru over the years chasing problems with several different cars boats garden machines with bad spark plugs that didn't "look to bad" and probley will "clean up ok", especially when owner-customer tells me the plugs are ok. GET KNEW PLUGS IN IT and Start from there

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