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break in oil or not ? I vote no. Your experience ?

October 12 2017 at 10:35 AM
LSG / Cal  (Login lovesoldiron)

Guys reading about one of our own wiping a cam using Gibbs paste & B Penn breakin oil has me wondering....who is doing what, why, and what is your results ? I ask because I have been thinking and reading alot, and noticing a Ch--- guy I know who has wiped out 4 engines with Brad Penn 30wt breakin oil. All failed in less than 1 hr. The worst one had BP 30wt breakin plus a bottle of ZDDP, which in this case made it WORSE. BPenn and J Gibbs breakin oil were the very worst of the oils tested that I read about. I'm told synthectic is 'too slippery' for break-in,.......but if the rings take longer to seat but the flattappet cam and lifters survive, isn't that preferable to a fast ring seat, but with wiped lobes ? It may be that the 'break in' oil is just hyped crap. Also, there are many others who have started a fresh engine in what I would call the wrong way.....mismatched used cam lifters, no break in run, and not break in oil. And yet some of these guys seem to be just fine. and they aren't having trouble. Are they just living a charmed life? Or is oil more complicated than we thought ? I have only 1 427 sideoiler block and can't afford a problem. with a 390,....a catastrophe would hurt less, but would still hurt. What has been your experience, what do you use or not use, and why ? LSG / Cal

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