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Tripower carb mystery

December 1 2017 at 11:13 PM
Martin  (Login 357M)

I noticed the center carb has a much weaker pump shot than the end carbs. I am assuming they should all be the same as they are all 30 cc pumps. If I measure the movement at the pump end of the lever, I get about 1/16" on the center carb and 3/16" on the end carbs. However, if I swap the lever and the plastic cam with one of the end carbs, the lever movement is still 1/16" for the center and 3/16" for the end carb. I don't see any reason for the disparity. I tried several cams and levers from other Holleys with no change. The distance from the throttle shaft to the edge of the plastic cam is the same on both as well.

Holley sells a kit with different cams. I'm sure there is one that would help but I would rather fix the underlying problem. Anyone encounter this problem?

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