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How much motor do you need to effectively use a Tunnel Wedge?

December 3 2017 at 12:20 AM
paulie  (Login Paul_Lovett)

I don't think an rpm or cam duration will tell you unless you know the displacement. For instance, maybe a 505 inch FE going to 5700 works good with a T-Wedge, or maybe a 427 running to 6800 works well.

I'm thinking a horsepower range would be more useful. You also need heads that compliment the intake.

Since an Edelbrock RPM can be effective up to 600 hp or so, where does the T-Wedge fit in?

I have a ported Dove Tunnel Wedge and am thinking about using it on a 470 inch street engine with ported Ebok heads and probably a small solid roller cam (245-255 degrees), and maybe 550 hp. Maybe 6200-6500 max rpm. Fairly light street car (3400 lb) with moderate to high gearing (3.15-3.33) and mild torque converter (2400-2600 rpm). Bad idea? Normally I would say yes, but maybe not with the bigger displacement.

Are other intakes a better match? Ebok RPM? Ported Holley Street Dominator? I have a ported BT 1x4bbl.

I do have Jay's Intake book and am going to look at again.

Any opinions?



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