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When I did the series for....

December 3 2017 at 11:46 AM
Cammerfe  (Login ectarecordholder)

Response to Hard to beat the look.....

Mustang Illustrated Magazine some years ago, I had Wayne Kuchtyn at Head Winds run both single plane and dual plane double 4-barrel Tunnel Port manifolds across his Superflow. As all of you probably know, the 'Tunnel-Wedge' intake is an offshoot of the Single Plane Tunnel Port manifold, with the wedge pushrod locations.

The dual plane TP manifold was developed for the LeMans program, where speeds got down almost to 40 MPH at the Mulsanne corner and also at Arnage. Yet AJ Foyt claimed to have hit 240 before having to brake at the end of the Mulsanne straight. We found the dual plane to be an EXCELLENT street manifold.

The dual plane manifold we had came from 'Triple E' along with the TP heads and carbs. Both heads and manifold showed some evidence of hand work and Lon carefully made sure that there was no gasket 'hang-out' when he assembled the original 427 engine for his '67 Mustang. I borrowed the single plane manifold from Jim Dove.

Both single and dual plane manifolds had similar flow. Balance from one cylinder to another was also good. The single plane outflowed the dual by a small but definite margin. I don't have the figures in my head, the manuscripts are long gone and the magazine copies I have are somewhere in a box. I believe the Dove heads we ultimately used had a flow at .700 lift of about 240 at 28 inches. If anyone has the information, from about 2000, and can post it here it might be of interest.


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