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My Tunnel Wedge experiance

December 3 2017 at 2:50 PM
Rory McNeil  (Login RMCJ428)

Response to When I did the series for....

I know I have told this before, but back in the mid 19990s, my Fairmont was running a .030" over 428, with stock iron CJ heads, the same Oregon Cams big solid flat tappet that I have used for many years, and a C6 automatic with a trans brake and 8" torque converter. Foot braking it would stall at 4500 RPM, on the transbrake it could go to 5200 RPM. I had tried 4 different 1x4 intake manifolds (F427, Offy PortOSonic, ported Streemaster, and my port matched Sidewinder with the center divider cut down.), I had also tried a bunch of carbs, (800 & 850 double pumpers, 830 annual , 950 HP, 950"3 barrel", 1050 Dominator on a tapered adapter, and my old reliable 3310-1 780 vacuum secondary. The fastest combination was the 780 vacuum on the Sidewinder, running a best of 10.64 @124 MPH. A buddy loaned me his Tunnel Wedge with a pair of Holley 660 center squirters for a weekend, but only if I would not tinker with the carbs, other than idle speed and mixture, as he liked how it worked on his 427 4 speed 67 Fairlane, and did not want me to play with jetting or accelerator pumps. Since I was leaving the starting line at WOT , I had no problem with his request. The Tunnel Wedge/660 combo certainly made an improvement, running 10.55@126 MPH, which for just slapping it on, I thought was fairly decent. That same engine eventually went as fast as 10.03 @ 132 MPH in my Fairmont, with the Jerico 4 speed, using the Sidewinder/780 combo, which is the same induction system that ran 9.97, still at 132 MPH, with my 427/428 crank engine a few years back. I have had a Tunnel Wedge intake and a pair of Holley 660s sitting on the shelf for several years now, between that and a set of decent aftermarket, or better iron heads,I am sure the Fairmont could get close to mid 9s, but unless I decide to buck up, and spend a couple of grand undating the roll bar and saftey equipment NHRA requires to be certified and legal for running in the 9s, its kind of a moot point.

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