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December 3 2017 at 8:22 PM
Rory McNeil  (Login RMCJ428)

Response to Or it will snap the distrib shaft

Had exactly that happen on the freeway, and although I shut the engine off within seconds of noticing the hydraulic lifters start ticking, and the idiotlight coming on, and coasted to the side of the freeway , the damage was done. The engine was already siezed, and when I pulled the distributor, 1/2 of the broken oil pump drive rod came out with it, looking much lake a piece of wrought iron. I had planned on replacing those broken brittle valve stem seals, as well as the stock nylon toothed timing chain set, but put it off because the car ran so nicely. Being lazy bit me in the ass.If you were to pry back the sheet metal baffle on most Ford oil pump pickup screens, there is a nice round hole in the mesh, just the perfect size for a chunk of hard valve stem seal of nylon cam tooth to find its way into the oil pump rotors, and lock it up solid.

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