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What motor oil to use?

December 4 2017 at 11:42 AM

John Bednorz  (Login 68RCodeConv)

I have a 428 stroked to 462 with Edelbrock heads and BT intake. I've got about 2000 miles on the motor. Very mild solid roller cam (hp peak around 5300) so don't have to worry about wiping cam lobes. I've been running 15W-40 Rotella (diese) motor oil with a Motorcraft high pressure oil filter. Cold it has 50 psi at idle with it dropping to about 25 psi once the motor warms up. At 3000 rpm with the motor warmed up it has about 75 psi. A lot of my driving is at low speeds in a dense urban area (Houston).

Do you think that pressure is excessive? Would you recommend a different oil/viscosity? I would prefer to run Mobil 1 (10W-30?) but obviously I don't know what the oil pressure readings would be if I did that or if going synthetic would cause issues.

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