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Re: Yes, there are several folks that race the Victor 427, one

December 5 2017 at 11:05 AM
Rory McNeil  (Login RMCJ428)

Response to Yes, there are several folks that race the Victor 427, one

I have ran 5 different 1x4 intakes on my 428 CJ in my Fairmont, they were an Offy Port O Sonic (unported), a Streetmaster (ported with minor plenum mods), F427, (port matched), a Ford Sidewinder,( port matched, and with the center divider cut down), and a Victor (un ported). My 428 used stock iron CJ heads, a big solid flat tappet cam , 11 .5 compression, and to be honest, they all performed very similarily, with the automatic it ean 10.5s at 126 MPH, with the 4 speed 10.0s at 132 MPH. When I had the automatic, the Victor was not available yet, all the others were used on the automatic, the Sidewinder was the best by a small amount, so when I switched to the stick, I retained the Sidewinder, and then tried the Victor a bit later. Although the Victor was a bit slower that the Sidewinder, I would have to think a port match would help the Victors numbers, as the ports are fairly small to start with. The main reason I even bothered to try the Victor unported, was that it was on back order for over 6 months before it finally arrived, so I just had to try it as soon as I got it! (although it did require some cutting to fit the engine). One day I would like to try the Victor on the 427 w 428 crank that I last used in the car, along with my Tunnel Wedge and 660s, and maybe a pair of aftermarket heads. Maybe my mildish combo was not moving enough air to "need" more intake manifold (or carb).

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