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Rockers (junk) ....

December 5 2017 at 5:19 PM
John   (Login jetstuff)

Response to It's the guys who import the stuff that we should be mad at

" i saw that the machine process itself was complete crap and as stated already, spotty at best. mine about half the rocker arm adjustment screw holes weren't even centered on the rocker (seems that many failed for that very reason). mine also fit really sloppy on the shafts themselves."

Same experience I had with an early set. Additionally some of the adjuster holes weren't tapped all the way thru. I had to retap and spot face the rockers. Set them up on both heads, went to break in the engine and started hearing tapping after about 5 minutes. Initially thought we were losing a cam lobe. Upon investigation, found out the adjuster balls were soft and were self destructing, taking out a set of custom pushrods.....

Lesson learned, the valvetrain is NOT the place to scrimp on parts quality. ( knew this already, but since this was a mild street 390 , I thought the ChiNee rockers would be adequate.

Can't go wrong with Harland sharps or the T&D street setup .....
(or Ersons if you can find a set)

JMHO, John

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