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I've run one for 15 years, on two different engines

December 5 2017 at 5:58 PM

XR7  (Login XR7)

Response to Anyone done any race builds with the Victor? Stroker or whatever n/m

first was a mild 428, in a stick shift car, was very consistent. Since I was bracket racing and running for points I just shifted at 6500, but being a 4 speed, never saw below 5000 the entire run.I ran a 750 Dominator first, then had it converted to a 1050. I ported the intake and the Edelbrock heads. Ran 10.50's at 3600#

I built a 427/487 stroker, and used my buddies better BT MR heads, ran the same intake but went to a slightly larger carb. It ran 9.72@139.99 at 3560#. A few months ago I changed the heads to my BT HR and went with a custom HR adapter that Jay machined to my specs, I still had to do a lot of hand and mill work to make it work with a certain cast single dominator intake. I used the same carb, but I never really got a good pass yet, went a few 9.70x in bad air at my local track, and did run a 143.12 MPH in good air (different track) but the track was cold first hit in the AM and I spun bad, rolled back into it, so not a good ET (was still a 9.702). Next pass it hooked and I put it on the bumper... and it stayed up even in second gear, when it came down I smashed the headers and oil pan pretty bad. I was done for the year as this was a late season race.

For a single 4 normal FE intake, I think it would be the best choice for a drag car. I think in Jay's testing, it goes around the RPM intake for power at 4800 RPM or so. On a 505 it would be way ahead at high RPM. I think a 2x4 tunnel ram would still be better though, but not by a lot.

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