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2017 PSMCD Pure Stock Drags: More variety, fewer Fords, one FE

December 5 2017 at 10:13 PM

WerbyFord  (Login werbyford)

About a week ago I commented here on the 2017 PSD / PSMCD and then compiled a few details on the 2016 results.

Sure enough, a few days later the 2017 results appeared on the PSMCDR website.

So I did my thing with number crunching again; similar story for 2017. I’m keeping the format of this post about the same as the 2016 results for comparison.

In this analysis, I added my own “Muscle Car Shootout” rules, which is to say, you have to have a back seat and over 1000 of a given engine built. This rules out the Vettes, the ZL1, the MaxWedge, the 421-SD, and the Studebaker-304/335hp-R3 (there were about 2000 Stude 289/289hp-R2 cars made so these do count, as do the F-code Tbirds.)

Not counted in my 2017 analysis:
4 Corvette (2-seater)
2 AMX (2-seater)
1 El Camino (2-seater)
2 ZL-1
1 MaxWedge
1 421 Super Duty
2 Stude R3/R4
1 428CJ Mustang (not running right this year, doggone it)

2017 Entries I did count: (/=gross hp, n=net hp as rated)

Chevy (the 30-over 402 is still called the 396 as Chevy did)
2=454/450 LS6
1=454n270 LS5
1=427/385 L36
1=409/425 L80
11=396/375 L78 most popular combo was the L78
3=396/350 L34
1=396/325 L35
3=350/360 LT1
1=327/350 L79
1=327/300 L48
1=302n290 Z28
2=164/140-4v corvair flat 6
I spent part of a day looking into that amazing Corvair flat-6 and building a gonkulator model.
So many variants, so little data. It’s a start anyway.
Good stuff here:

Just edit the year and you will find a LOT of Corvair info. Does Ford have such a site? (I mean, other than Dennis….)

3=429n375 SCJ
1=429n370 CJ
1=428n335 CJ
1=351/300 Cleveland
“Th Th Th That’s all, folks”

5=426/425 Hemi
3=440390 6-pack
3=440/375 Magnum

All the Buicks were automatics. Also all were 1970 or NEWER. BOP (and AMC) really came to life in the early-1970s just as Chev and Ford were bailing out.

All the Olds were also automatic cars.

4-455n290 SD
2-455n300 HO
Compared to Chevy, Ford, Mopar, Pontiac had far less engine to work with. In spite of that, Pontiac put together a series of excellent street packages, obviously not keyed toward NASCAR or NHRA or even the do-it-yourself builder, but for the tune-it and shut-the-hood crowd. The enthusiasm is inexplicable, kind of like the aura the Mustang has kept over the years compared to lesser (but sometimes faster) pony cars.

(I have always considered AMC to be Nash-Hudson-Studebaker-Packard, which is what would have happened if not for the fatal egos of certain corporate CEO’s. So instead we lost all 4 makes.)

I computed the Average MPH of all the entries from each make, and ranked them accordingly. Ford doesn’t do too badly actually, about mid-pack as you can see.

I also computed the “Percent Improved” – that is, how much Gross Horsepower would I estimate each car made, based on MPH and car weight and a “typical” driveline, compared to the Gross Horsepower from the factory (from the Gonkulator, not the silly ratings!!!) This is a sort of “enthusiasm” metric. Surprisingly, the “Most Improved” engines are not Chevy or Mopar, but Buick, then Pontiac, then AMC. Underdogs maybe, plus the usual Pontiac enthusiasm. Ford was again about mid-pack although the %Improved dropped off due to the absence of Steve's 428cj car.

Finally I counted the number of cars entered.
30 from Pontiac (plus 2)
26 from Chevy (plus 7 special cars)
15 from Mopar (plus 1)
14 AMC&Stude (plus 4)
10 Buick
8 Olds
6 FoMoCo
Only Pontiac had more cars in 2017 than 2016 and they also took over the top participation spot.

Similar trends in 2017 results as in 2016 regarding %Improved (inferred gross HP from MPH, compared to Gonkulated Factory gross HP):


One Fun Fact this year was that the Top %Improved (vs. factory) was of all things a 350 Buick !!!
Overall, the %Improved numbers went down this year – either less preparation or more scrutiny. Maybe Chevy and Ford are seeing more scrutiny, whereas the more obscure makes are given a pass due to the fundamental hardships of building one?
The Hemi dominates the MPH (and ET) rankings, but I still take issue with it qualifying due to the WARRANTY.

And now, for something completely different:
I did pursue the prompt Royce gave in the post below, assessing which of my old rides would qualify for PSMCD:

“For 1955 to 1975 musclecars built in United States and Canadian assembly plants with a minimum warranty of 12 months and 12,000 miles. Factory lightweight cars built for sanctioned drag racing and dealership-built/modified cars are not eligible to participate. Cars must be factory equipped with a minimum of four-barrel carburetion, dual exhaust, and other factory-installed equipment that promotes a high-performance intent and image. Cars are paired up based on time trial e.t.s and compete in a best-of-three heads-up shootout. “

I compared these to my own 289/210 Mustang which is about the only one I have that might qualify:
• Factory Dual Exhaust=OK (option on my car)
• Minimum 12-month 12,000 mile (12m12k) factory warranty=OK
• 4-barrel=OK
• 1955-1975=OK
• High-Performance Intent and Image=OK, horse on the grill and 289 emblems?? Chrome floor shifter?
Those rules got me thinking about warranties.
3m4000mi (or 3m1200mi?) 426 Hemi
3m4000mi 289HiPo
3m4000mi (or was it 0m0mi?) 427 Fairlane
Likely small or no warranty 426 Max Wedge, 421 Super Duty
How are these cars running in PSD with basically no factory warranty?
As usual, the Hemi finished on top again this year, but if I disqualify the Hemi for lack of factory warranty it sure changes the result. Now, an L78 and a RamAir-1 are duking it out for low ET. Steve’s 428CJ Mustang (based on its 2016 ET) would be in the Top 5 if not the Top 3, scrapping it out with 6-pack, LT1, RamAir4, and W30 cars. Somehow this sounds a lot more interesting.

I’m not hating on the Hemi, same applies to the 421sd, 426 Max Wedge, 289HiPo or any other car with effectively no factory warranty- they just don’t meet the PSD rules, so why are they allowed to run?
Does anybody know the deal here?

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