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The 1000 was mine, arbitrary. PSMCD was the warranty thing. EDIT on 1000

December 6 2017 at 7:04 AM

WerbyFord  (Login werbyford)

Response to I guess that means my car doesn't qualify!

I just used a 1000 cutoff in the big "Muscle Car Shootout" with the Gonkulator to try to represent cars you could hope to buy.
(I never saw a 427 Cougar back in the day, though I did see plenty of transplant 427 Mustangs...)

I ignore the RamAir2 for the same reason - not enough of em.

But, I like the PSMCD "Warranty Cutoff" in a sense because it's not arbitrary - your car either had a 12m12k warranty or it didn't.
In that sense of course your cars would count and make sense as "street" cars.

Its mainly about the Hemi - how do those Hemi's get to run year after year, near as I can find they had a tiny little warranty?

Royce, to be clear on my 1000 minimum:
What I mean by that is, 1000 total factory cars have to be built that year with that engine.
So ANY 428cj car counts for 1968, etc.
1000 of a given nameplate, body style, color, etc would be way too restrictive.
EG your 428cj car would count (over 40,000 in 3 years), but not any 427 Ford, not past 1964 anyway. Too few.

I count the COPO Chevelle for 1969 with the same reasoning: Well over 1000 total COPO Chevelle and Camaro left the factory in 1969, so I think it's fair to at least count the heavier Chevelle in the shootout I'm Gonkulating.

I am using the 1000 limit to get away from what are becoming the "IT" cars for each brand. The "IT" Pontiac seems to be the 421 Super Duty, and yet only 200 or so were made. The "IT" Ford seems to be the 427 Fairlane, again only a couple hundred ever made. The "IT" Chevy is the ZL-1 Camaro, and I don't even think 100 were made. To Mopar's credit, their "IT" car was the MaxWedge, very few made, then the RaceHemi e.g. Silver Bullet, with just a couple made. But Mopar's "IT" car is now the Hemi - at least they made 10,000 of em so I have counted them (So far) in my own MCS Muscle Car Shootout. I guess I could disqualify them too but I did see hemi cars on the street back in the day - probably because 10,000 were made from 1966-1971. And as far as the Shootout, they are not that dominant as they left the factory. The Hemi wins a lot, but not always. Still thinking about it.

But for PSMCD, per their own rules, I think the Hemi is OUT. Right? It would also help address the money problem - some people will spend their retirement just to prove a point. Not sure what that point is even. To me, that is not the spirit of PSMCD.

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