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I bought some...

December 6 2017 at 10:09 AM

Tommy-T  (Select Login Tommy-T)

Response to question on the cheap pro comp roller rocker setup

...a while back.

I just had to see what a complete FE rocker system with end stands and shaft studs that cost $169 looks like.

Kind'a funny, but the shafts are larger diameter than regular FE shafts, and the rockers have a cast iron bushing rather than bronze. The tips roll a little rough.

Can't see the shafts themselves being an issue since they come with end stands...so long as you make sure the oil holes are drilled and you clean the trash out of the shafts.

Would I use 'em? Can't really say.


I can say I've used Dove, Harland Sharp, and POP rockers without issue. I also used stock adjustables on my HiRiser for years without problems.

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