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PSD by Model Year? Ford wins lots of years

December 6 2017 at 10:53 AM

WerbyFord  (Login werbyford)

Response to Re: The 1000 was mine, arbitrary. PSMCD was the warranty thing. EDIT on 1000

Well I was going to say, any car that shows up and really qualifies for PSD is a "winner" - I'd like to see a 390gt car go and top 100mph. To me that is a winner. Or a 352/250 in a 65 Gal running 90mph.

But looking at the MCS Shootout I am Gonkulating I thought of something PSD could do.
How bout winners by MODEL YEAR?
Rationale is, who "wins" with the technology of that year? Ok maybe we count half-years too.
Using the Gonkulator (REALLY Pure Stock results, well assuming all THESE had a warranty):

Ford would win:
1961 390/375
1962 390/401
1963 427/425
1964 427/425
1968 428cj (especially if we ditch the hemi due to lack of warranty)
1971 429scj (have to ditch Hemi for nil warranty)

Chevy would win:
1958 348/315
1959 348/335
1965 396/425
1966 427/425
1967 396/375
1969 427/425copo (close vs 440-6v, 400ra4)
1970 454/450

Mopar would win:
1955 331/300hemi (sure, if any showed up...)
1956 354/300hemi (ditto)
1957 392/390hemi (ditto, seems we have a hemi problem again...)
1960 383/330ram
1969 440/390-6v (close vs 400ra4, 427oopo)
1971 426/425hemi (if allowed)

Buick would win:
1948 320/150 roadmaster (sorry, I have to go back that far!!)
1955 322/236 nailhead (again if any showed up)

Olds would win:
1949 303/135 rocket (ditto)
1950 303/135 rocket (last year before the hemi)

Pontiac would win:
1969 400ra4 (close call vs 440-6v and 427copo)
1972 455/335ho
1973 455/250ho (still too few 455sd this year)
1974 455/290sd
1975 455/200ho

AMC would win:
Sadly, never.
1948 262/121 comes in 2nd to Buick
1951-53 308 Hornet comes in 3rd each year. Nascar worked out better.

(I add one more restriction in my Gonkulator MCS Shootout, you cant run steeper than 3.70 final gear ratio or 3.50 final gear ratio for an automatic, to keep the car freeway liveable. With overdrive of course that can mean a steeper rear gear. This keeps some of those Mouse and Black Widow cars at bay).

I guess you could split PSD into stick and auto classes too, that still avoids the "Bracket" problem of factoring horsepower- that had troubles in the day and still has troubles now. I am also doing this in the MCS Shootout, so I have EACH MODEL YEAR, and then STICK and AUTO for EACH MODEL YEAR.
That would be 42 classes in PSMCDR, 21 years x 2 trans = 42 classes.

Of course with only about 120 cars showing up, your odds of bringing home a class trophy would be 1/3.
Well maybe that's about right.
I should send PSD a consulting fee for this idea!
I just hope they consider doing it......

Now, let me look at those 2017 results again......

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