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Re: Bones, what is your engine combo?

December 6 2017 at 2:12 PM
Bones  (Login boneyard51)

Response to Bones, what is your engine combo?

I may get throwed out of the forum for this, but custom manifolds are more important to me than performance. This car probably won’t see the strip, just want something that will set you back in your seat stop light to stop light. As for my engine, I built it 20 some years ago for a good friend, ended up with it a few years after that, been in the barn since. The things I remember were mild compression, small hydraulic cam, stock valve train, GT heads that I just cleaned up a little, no porting. Iron manifold ,750 vacuum Holley, electronic ignition. In the 76 Ford truck it has a set of Headman headers on it. I would guess it about 350 hp or so.I know this is very vague, the truck is in my barn a few miles away. Haven’t looked at it it a few years. Coupled with the “built “ c6 with a 2800 or so stall, 3:73 gears, it would come out of the hole real good. Would even use a set of GT manifolds, that everyone dislikes, as I have two sets, if they would fit my Galaxie. Would like to talk to someone who has actually used something other than the logs, on a 65 Galaxie, just don’t like the looks of them. Plan on putting my 3x2 on it eventually, mainly for looks. Bones

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