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December 6 2017 at 3:01 PM
Dan  (Login 32bantam)

Response to they need work to fit

If it's really what you are after I think you should wait it out or find a cheaper repaired set. Plus not everyone is hip to the sudden surge in price of these. For example the "cheap" Ohio Craigslist set posted in the classifieds was from a buddy that specializes in FE stuff and that was his wake up call people wanted them at all. This guy has been doing swapmeets longer than I've been alive. Same guy took an NOS 427 block out of the crate just to have a clean block to mock up his Willys so he's no FNG... he just didn't know things had changed. I've found a few sets in just the last couple years, muttered that they weren't early ones more than once and walked away being they were half the cost or less of the 63's. Before reading how "rare and expensive" these are on here I had no interest and there for no idea I should of bought them as trading material. I'm just saying there is hope and they are still out there is all.

On the other end of things what about building a copy of the manifold in steel? Even a cheap off the shelf header normally only leaks due to warped flanges and junk gaskets that come in the box. No idea when I could get to it but if someone wants a set made I'm willing to do it. A mockup set would be best but I can build to spec and send them for a test fit, revise if needed and then make a permanent fixture. Time would add up quick but still be reasonable and you could dictate tube sizes, factory details etc.

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