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The 70 GSX was a stout car and really nice, engine is as light as an SBC

December 6 2017 at 5:47 PM
Bill Ballinger  (Login 65billgal)

Response to "Best improved"=Buick/Pontiac...maybe because...

The 455 Stage I or if you bought the Stage II kit in the trunk on either the 400 or 455, it was strong, they got the Beef in the right places and they breathes really well for a Q-Jet. I had an 850 Stage I carb and wore it out on my 394. really strong. I did ruin it though "it was a 1708 replacement" by drilling the secondary feed tubes with little holes like a 429 CJ had, it would drain the bowl and the pump had to have a booster pump to have WOT in 2ns 3rd and 4th on a 65 F250 4X4 with an NPP 435 and 4.56's, but it would peg a 7000 rpm tach in 2nd in a flip, really cool carb. They also had "pullover enrichment" on the primaries that would spray fuel into the primaries at a stong enough drop, I drove it with the hood off and it was pretty well any time you were any where at 4000+. They are tinny though, and Holleys are like an Anvil compared, you can rebuild Hooleys if the Throttle shafts start leaking vacuum. A q-jet of any kind forget it.

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