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Torino people dont care I guess

December 6 2017 at 9:14 PM

WerbyFord  (Login werbyford)

Response to ot. 1970 Ford Torino Cobra SCJ worth $165k?

1252 429cj Mustangs
613 429scj Mustangs
That was 1971 only

I have no breakdown on Torino or Cyclone.
The 70 Cobra had
429 TJ standard
429 CJ option
429 SCJ option
For 1971 the more thrifty 351C4v replaced the 429 TJ as standard.

The 70 Cyclone Spoiler had
429 CJ standard
429 SCJ option

I would guess 3000-4000 429 SCJ total, about the same as the LS6, but I too would like to firm up these numbers.

On that famous "50 Fastest" list, the 70 Cobra 429 SCJ is #16, the fastest FoMoCo you could really buy. Only the unobtainable Boss 429 and Cobra 427 ranked faster. Strong engine, especially for a heavy car - about the same weight as a 1961 Galaxie.


Not a bad thread there. I dunno about the 7000rpm part though.
Looks like 241 429scj in Torino GT cars. At least 2 of these were road test cars, one of them was the 13.69 at 106mph car, tested in good cold air. Most 429scj came in Cobras as it states. Quite a few around the Detroit area back in the day, not as common as Boss 302 cars but they were around.

Trouble is,
C = 429cj but also 429scj, flat hood
J = 429cj or 429scj, shaker hood.

So its kinda like the early 390 HiPo, you cant tell by the VIN letter.
"Drag Pack" means 429scj but that's not in the VIN.

There's less than 10hp difference, Gonkulator gets about
325hp 429TJ, rated 360 LOL
392hp 429CJ, rated 370
400hp 429SCJ, rate 375
But the 429SCJ was set up for solids, had forged pistons, 4 bolt mains, Holley, much better to get serious with.

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