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Car is worth maybe $35k. Possibly $50k restored.

December 7 2017 at 6:21 AM
Jim  (Login FormerlyCyclonic66)

Response to ot. 1970 Ford Torino Cobra SCJ worth $165k?

This guy is a clown...note the SS427.com website. There's a lot of puff and little substance.

He claims 1 0f 20, but the very Marti report he provides does not back that up.

I love this one: "Original paint is still on this car..." yeah, but it's covered in a new paint job of a completely different color!

Of great entertainment value: List of "comparable" recent auctions. NONE of the cars is a 1970 Torino Cobra. They're all Hemi cars, BOSS 9s and Chevelle LS6.

Of the pictures provided: NONE are of the interior or underside. One is actually of a different car (showing the ORIGINAL color, and a hood tach that this car does not have). Another shows Richard Petty with a Torino Cobra that he never drove. The pictures do show off the aftermarket aluminum slots and the redneck spring shackles.

Based on the engine shot and the lacking other pictures, this needs a full restoration to bring $45-50k. In my opinion (very little value, I'm aware) it's worth $30-35k, IF it's not a rotted mess underneath and inside.

Sounds to me like someone sold a Chevy guy a car for more money than it's worth.

In the end, a very cool car owned by a dick.

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  • You have a way with words Jim - 6667fan on Dec 7, 2017, 7:18 AM
  • But he is going to wet sand it.... - BattlestarGalactic on Dec 7, 2017, 10:34 AM