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Two of the best Ford true Muscle Cars are left out in the cold, it is sad because if Iaco

December 7 2017 at 6:32 AM
Bill Ballinger  (Login 65billgal)

Response to Great. Cant we get rid of the Hemi some other way?

ego to keep the Mustang top dog. The best driving, fit , finish and quality intermediates bar none are the 68-69 Fairlane Torino Fastback and its Cobra iteration with the 428 CJ, and I am without doubt that the 390 could have been improved by having a lower cost 390 GT with CJ parts, like stripper Road Runner with its 383. The other is the Mercury Cougar from 67-70. These are the two finest interdiate cars made by anyone. If they had made a 39-410 ci CJ with the CJ goodies in 1966 the Fairlane GT all the way from 66-69 could have been a cost competitive option that could have been made in huge numbers, with the 428CJ being an upmarket option even wilder solid cam, LeMans rods, forged pistons, the 410 with forged pistons a ggod hydraulic like the hyd McKellor in the Pontiacs, and the Cougar similarly equipped with Buick style luxury for up market options with the 428 PI or CJ just juiced up a little more but with a base 410 and good cam heads and manifolds, we could have been right at the top of durable finely built muscle cars.

I know coulda, shoulda, woulda, if a frog had wings it wouldn't bounce its ass off the ground every time it jumps, but man those cars even now are great cars, very well built and even new were praised for quality fit and finish. Ford just had to keep the performance image of the Mustang tops and run limited runs to homolgate racing sanction body drivetrains. It is sad. The FE is a great cruiserweight like a Pontiac is. Why not a HR 390 GT with 2.15/1.66 valves and CJ or shorty iron headers? It could have been.

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