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Dove was able to....

January 9 2018 at 9:22 PM
Cammerfe  (Login ectarecordholder)

Response to Was offered a set of Dove SK 35369 heads and Victor intake.

mix-'n'-match features so you need to find out exactly what's being offered. He had, for instance, three different exhaust runner set-ups available. He had a wide variety of distinct combustion chambers, and had low, medium and high-riser intake runners. He also did Tunnel-ports, and, for that matter, SOHC heads.

He also had a 'somewhat-like' Victor manifold that he could match to the various heads, but it was really an FE version of a design Al Buckmaster did for the Cleveland.

If he was told ahead of time that the heads you ordered from him were going to be ported, he'd leave extra material so the porting wouldn't break through. He, from the mid-'80s', impregnated all his castings to assure against porosity. If you were going to do porting, he'd take your finished castings back and do the impregnation after your re-work was complete.

Post some pictures and you'll get better information here.


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