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Unfortunately, an EDM lifter won't help in a block that's not drilled....

January 10 2018 at 3:00 AM
Brent Lykins  (Login blykins)

Response to mhf lobes

An EDM lifter has a hole on the bottom face of it that basically injects pressure fed oil onto the cam lobe. Some of these lobes are so aggressive that they would wear much quicker if not for direct oiling like that.

The MHF lobes as well as some of the others (FL, etc.) are mainly for race engines that are designed for that kind of operation. I use them, but they are in coordination with tool steel EDM lifters, nitrided lobes, much higher spring pressure, etc.

I totally agree with your point: there are TONS of more options out there past the 282S and 294S. Unfortunately most guys are used to looking at a cam catalog and thinking that those are the only options. Those lobes work fairly well for what they are, but everyone needs to keep in mind that they are universal lobes. You will find that same 282S lobe in a 351W, 351C, SBC, BBC, etc, etc., and they all have the same specs. If anyone gets anything at all from my rambling, let it be that each engine family is different, with different requirements, and a "universal" camshaft is not optimal. What works in a SBC doesn't work in an FE. Even something as simple as a ported head change can demand different cam specs.

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