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Re: Propane Build Details?

January 10 2018 at 7:40 AM
Troy T  (Login mudrunner)

Response to Propane Build Details?

No page sorry the build list is in my head. Nothing special in anyway, any questions just ask. Unfortunately its has to come out due to rod bearing.

I will be using a "motorfuel" tank which is heavier and certified for road use, same as what ever RV has under them even tho this tank was made in 1959! Its in great shape, I really lucked out there as it fits in the truck bed like it was made specifically for it. It holds about 30 some usable gallons. I had another larger tank I planned on using but it was rusty, I'm bummed about the lost capacity but the other tank fit so well and the fill location and valves are more user friendly. A friend gave it to me years ago I never even considered using it, It was built funny I thought it was an upright style until I was forced to take a second look and a giant light bulb went off in my head! Only issue I had was sourcing a new fuel level gauge, somehow I got lucky and Squibb-Taylor custom made me one for 80 bucks!
BBQ tanks are a vapor withdrawal only, in this system propane is supplied as a liquid up to the vaporizer/convertor then it converts to vapor with aid of engine coolant to keep from freezing solid. To supply that much fuel as a vapor I would need a 500gal tank.

I just recently got the tank mounted so I haven't purged and filled it yet so I use forklift tanks.

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