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I concur

January 11 2018 at 9:25 AM

Royce B  (Login 58SuperMarauder)

Response to Re: O/T 770HP Mel Terror !

Ron they would have to TRY not to make 350 horse with that parts combo.. a 292 with ported iron heads makes 300 hp

I have a very similar combination except for a single 750 4 bbl. Mummert manifold and 333 inches. It makes 500 hp.. I put a cam with 15 degrees less duration in it and it still makes 465 horse and idles at 700 rpm

One issue is the Offenhauser 3x2 That may be the crappiest manifold available for a y block.. That killed 50 hp right off the bat.

My partnership with Kaase on the MEL was a real education.. I knew he was smart, but when I saw the dyno numbers on the MEL my jaw hit the floor..After the contest We threw a bigger cam in it and made 884 horse from 473 inches. I was stunned..Put a 4.5 inch crank in this thing and it might make 1000.. Unbelievable

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