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Detroit Truetrac review

January 11 2018 at 3:39 PM
Gary  (Login garywittman)

For anyone interested, I thought I would give my opinion of the Detroit Truetrac so far in my 428CJ powered 69 Fairlane Cobra. I was getting tired of spinning one tire every time I stepped on the accelerator pedal a little too much with an open axle. I went to 28" tall 275 tires thinking I could get better traction but it was still not enough. I found a good deal on a Detroit Truetrac and decide it was time to get some traction.

So far, I am very pleased with only some minor negatives. I have not floored it from stop yet because I am sure the tires will break lose even with the C6 transmission. I have floored it at around 5 mph and get some chirping like it is on the edge of traction but does not break loose. This chirping continues for a while and when it hits second gear the tires do break loose but there is no shifting sideways like before and it smoothly gains traction after about 20 ft. I can still feel it accelerating nicely after shifting into second gear even though the tires are slipping a little. Before with one tire spinning in second I could feel the drop off in acceleration until it finally grabbed. I plan to experiment with accelerating from a stop as I get more use to this new found traction.

Now for the minor negatives. When I am turning sharply to the right or left, I have to be very light on the accelerator pedal or the inside tire starts screeching like the axles are locked. Less sharp turns can take more accelerator pedal but a little too much causes the inside tire to chirp, chirp, chirp........... until I straighten out or let up on the accelerator pedal a little. This is not big problem, just something that requires adjusting my driving style.

Instructions indicated to not you synthetic gear lube because it could reduce the performance of the Truetrac, meaning it could have less limited slip capability. I am thinking that may be better for a street car by reducing some of the negative effects I describe above. After I have fully adapted to the Truetrac, I may try synthetic gear lube to see what effect if any becomes apparent.

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