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Does this seem to high?

February 8 2018 at 5:20 PM
Jase  (Login jasonbasis)

Posted awhile back about a 410 build that was leaking oil like a rainstorm and I was at wits end because it was the third time the engine had been completely gone through by supposedly reputable shops. Well after deciding not to give up I found another supposedly reputable builder here in Massachusetts to take a look at it. He said it would take a month when I dropped it off on November 20th..

I just got a phone call from him saying the engine was done (nearly three months later) and that he could not find any issues. He replaced the mains because he said they were a bit scratched up from some crud running through the oil system. Ok. And he cut the intake a bit to match the heads. The price for this work?


He didn’t have to machine the block or heads or anything, nor were any parts replaced other than main bearings and gaskets. He had to just tear it down, inspect and reassemble. Am I insane for thinking this is about $1200+ too high? He’s also trying to talk me into running it on his dyno at $1000 per day because of its previous leaking and the fact he couldn’t find anything....

Not sure what to think of this...any advice would help...

67 Galaxie Fastback

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