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My two cents vs his $2800

February 8 2018 at 7:46 PM

Button  (Login cliffrod)

Response to Does this seem to high?

I was hoping to hear good news about things this time, Jase. Not cool.

With that said, given a few hundred$$ in gaskets, bearings and incidentals, the balance seems to be around 3-4 days of typical shop rate labor for tear down, cleaning, inspection and reassembly plus cutting the intake. Not sure that it's that unreasonable. It's also a known unknown-problem project that often turn into a never ending warranty pia which I now avoid like the plague. No way to charge enough unless you charge too much. Pretty impractical to provide a firm reasonable quote on a total unknown project. I'm not surprised he didn't provide a number up front.

When I do take on someone else's failed work, I don't do it lightly or for cheap money anymore. I've been burned enough times. I'll bet the $1k/day dyno recommendation is his way of mitigating warranty issues- pay up or you're on your own.... You can always ask him for an itemized bill and maybe get a break on the price. But if he did check everything like you asked, he did what you asked.

That's just how I look at it, as someone who has been on both sides of the issue.

Edit- meant to add. If the main bearing were scratched from ?? In the oil, what about the cam bearings? If the oil was supposedly dirty enough to damage main bearings, wouldn't replacing the cam bearings as well make sense especially if it needed a thorough cleaning?
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