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You're confusing history , Bill. Better stick with Fords

February 9 2018 at 8:14 AM
Jim  (Login FormerlyCyclonic66)

Response to OT/ SD 421 Pontiacs, you could buy a 421 Pontiac but you had to buy the racing parts over

Sounds like you're trying to "clear up" my comments from a post below. My Pontiac knowledge needs no clarification. My father was one of the biggest Poncho guys I've ever known. The discussion Werby introduced was specifically about the 421SD in 1962.

In 1960, the "Super Duty" parts were indeed parts counter items. And by the way, they were only referred to as Super Duty within Pontiac. That name got out later on and pretty soon everyone was using the term

Four bolt main blocks were production units in 1960, if you checked the box labeled "Tempest 425A" under engine selection. 425A package was available in single four and tripower induction. It came with different heads and intake than the vanilla 389s, as well as cast factory headers (much like the FE). My late father's 1960 Ventura shares my garage with my Cyclone, if you'd care for any photos of those exhaust manifolds.
"SD" parts were a step above, and only available as individual parts...for 1960 and 1961.

Anyway, in 1962 the scene changed and the 421 was released. Super Duty became an engine package available to anyone with a wallet and in any car.

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