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Next thing to resolve before anything else is done

February 9 2018 at 8:44 AM

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Response to Just got off the phone...

is if he does dyno the engine and finds a dripping, sloppy mess- what's the next $step? Since he has been through it, checked & found nothing to fix and built it as a finished engine, will he fix anything he missed before it leaves his shop as his responsibility and expense for finding nothing wrong & proceeding or just start the $clock running all over again?

For the record, I bid my work and once it is deposit-secured as a sold job, that is the price I charge the customer. Just finished a project yesterday that I have learned I far underbid, so it hasn't been a lucrative project. But, since I'm always cutting into a solid piece of stone, any unseen natural inclusions/flaws that are found are simply part of the job. If the customer wants it replaced because of those discovered unknown issues, it's the same money all over again because I will not/cannot guarantee what I cannot see. Any rework charged at full price in a new piece of stone that must be purchased. Not knowing what was in an assembled engine is much the same.

As much as it hurts & costs, this builder is not responsible for what was done or spent before he touched the engine. I've heard that song and dance here many times before about who wrecked what stone already or what piece of stone was bad and how they really want it but now don't have enough money to afford my price. Not my fault or responsibility- they should have called me first.

Be careful.
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