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BTW, the Tempest SD 421 with the powershift is amazing the Mystic Warrior for one

February 9 2018 at 9:06 AM
Bill Ballinger  (Login 65billgal)

Response to You're confusing history , Bill. Better stick with Fords

What was your dad's car named? They would run low 10's! I really thought '63 was the only year, then they pulled the plug on racing, they did pretty good in Nascar. My uncle had a '58 I beklieve with the Trophy 395A and that was a fast car, 370 and Rochester 4V. I did a frame off resto on a '65 GTO 389 tri-power and 4 speed, everything but the outside paint and every part number correct and it was really fast for the little bitty valves it had, torque out the wazoo, shift it it at 5200 and man that thing would go.

My 70 Lemans Sport was originally a 350HO car with a 3 speed on the floor. I put a RAIV with a McKellor I0 solid and 670 heads. and a Muncie M22, it would eat a 21 alive. I got screwed by my uncle on it. He sold it out from under me when he got married. That was a running, handling stopping car!

If I wasn't into Fords it would be Pontiacs. Having the passenger bank forward and a drivers side fuel pump made the Pontiac really unique. They had a lot in common with Fords. Any how it fun to meet a Pontiac lover. Thanks for the straight info.

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