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Thanks Jim I think Bill B was thinking about 1963

February 9 2018 at 9:08 AM

WerbyFord  (Login werbyford)

Response to You're confusing history , Bill. Better stick with Fords

I've learned on those early years (which I mostly missed, still driving my Fire Chief Pedal Car), you have to be very careful with the YEAR and even the HALF YEAR or QUARTER YEAR.

I've never had a Pontiac but have been amazed at the history - found both McCarty-Angeles books at the Portland swap meet and it went from there. Seems they evolved from catering to special-cars (NASCAR and NHRA early on, pre-1963) mainly over the parts counter. NASCAR didn't care and NHRA didn't seem to care until 1961-1/2, when Ford added its over-the-counter tripower etc. So then NHRA formed O/SS for half a year, which turned into A/FX-C/FX from 1962-65, so unless the car came FACTORY, NHRA wouldn't allow it.

That (Jim you might know for sure) made Pontiac offer the 421sd in real factory cars for 1962 - as Chevy was starting to make Z-11 parts, probably getting ready to do the same for 1963).

Then the GM racing ban hit, so Pontiac put a few 421sd cars (Cats, Grand Prix, and 14 Tempests) out in early 1963 and that was it - Chevy made a few Z-11 cars but not enough for "stock" class so they were stuck in A/FX. McCarthy actually lists all the 1962-63 SD cars by VIN in his 2nd book so Jim you might get that if you don't have it already!

Pontiac ran the 421sd Tempests in A/FX.
The big Swiss Cheese Cat was light enough to run A/FX, but mostly I gather they ran in B/FX. I've asked a lot of places, why/how? My guess is the Cats were kinda front-heavy and so the Swiss Cat got ballasted up in the rear to make B/FX weight and so hooked much better.

Kinda like Ford for 1964 - Ford likely figured, well we have the "factory built" Thunderbolt for S/S, so why built a super-light LWG like we did in 1963 - just make a sorta-LWG for 1964 and run it in the heavier AA/S class.

By 1964, GM was kinda getting out of the "special cars for special people" games, just as Ford and Mopar got IN. Good luck to the average dude trying to buy a new LWG or Tbolt - or Race Hemi. And I ctedit Pontiac again at this point, because that's when the GTO hit the street. Cast rods, sure, wouldn't rev like a 427, but it was the right car for MOST street folks - and left everybody else playing catch up. Ford didn't really catch up until 1968-1/2, and Buick until 1970.

I have Gonkulated most of those hot combos for 1961-1965 in NHRA trim, which is way, way different than street / Muscle Car Shootout trim, like several seconds and 15-20mph different. It has been kinda fun, as in 1962, to "convert" them to street cars and see how they fare apples-to-apples, same tires, same "driver", same mufflers, etc. Maybe I will get to 1963 next. Oh wait, it's Tax Season. How could I forget?

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