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Ok guys it runs now

February 9 2018 at 5:10 PM

Bobby Spears  (Login x4rdtech)

and it really sounds good.Next is fitting the Hurst super shifter and may sneak a short test run but with no exhaust,it may not be a good ides.I have front bumper coming also and have to wait for my toy bank account builds up to get the exhaust done.More than likely next month as I do not want to pull money out of savings for this project.
I had the fuel line off at the carb and stuck it in a clear plastic container and with about 6 strokes or so,plenty of fuel and a nice stream.Connected it and a few cranks to fill the bowls,it fired right up.Now I can just drool looking at it and sad also due to great weather here now.
I had just bolted the timing cover on and saw the front seal slinger on the bench,really?? After fixing that dumb mistake,I put the harmonic balancer on.Next I went to put the belt pulley on and crap,again? I had the balancer on backwards.
I was still pissed off about pulling a tee shirt off and both hearing aids fell out and on the floor,the right one broke in half.I used Gorilla glue and let it set over night.I works but Monday I will go to the VA and a tech will see what to do,he more than likely will have to order a new one. What the hell else can happen. I still may see what I can get for the Fairlane when I am finished. A neighbor says he would buy my 8X24 cargo trailer once I don't need one.
It is OK to laught about my three oops.

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