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A couple guys

February 10 2018 at 4:50 AM
MeanGene  (Login 2many427s)

Response to OT> B.C. guys are getting creative

I worked around a couple brothers a while back who managed/ maintained a govt shooting range, very nice, 6 different ranges, M16, pistol, shotgun, grenade etc. So they have these life- sized 3D metal silhouette figurine targets, nicely painted wth faces etc. So they took a couple "retired" targets, cut them off at the waist so they would fit in the passenger seat, and were pretty proud of having gotten away with it for a long time. So one day the younger brother is cruising in the HOV lane, and a CHP passed him in the #1 lane, then suddenly slowed and threw on the lights- seems the Chippie noticed the rusty bullet holes in it's face...
Got the big ticket, then worse, they notified the govt agency he worked for, and they were NOT amused- almost lost his job, and did get a bit of time off with no pay
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