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C&D April 66 - Gonkulator rules. No Royal/Moore/H&M cars

February 10 2018 at 1:42 PM

WerbyFord  (Login werbyford)

Response to The Royal....

Royal was kinda enthusiastic for that April 66 C&D test series. But not as much as Bud Moore (Comet) or H&M (Fairlane). I did a more proper comparison below with the Gonkulator and Muscle Car Shootout (MCS) rules.
MCS Gonkulator results
13.78 at 102.6mph 426/425 Hemi (not in test)

14.18 at 97.9mph 396/360 chevelle (14.66 at 99.88) up 2.0 ok
14.40 at 97.5mph 389/360 gto (14.05 at 105.14) up 7.6 ???
14.49 at 95.2mph 390/335 Comet GT (13.98 at 103.8) up 8.6 ???
14.55 at 96.6mph 400/350 olds 442 (14.59 at 100.55) up 4.0 ?
14.79 at 93.7mph 401/325 GS-at (14.92 at 95.13) up 1.4 ok
14.89 at 92.4mph 390/335 fairlane GTA-at (14.26 at 99.0) up 6.6 ??

The MCS rules are with 300 lb ie two people, so you could make these maybe 0.1sec and 1mph better, and a little better yet for the stick cars by abusing the clutch and driveline. But I don’t equip the MCS cars with amy power nonsense, unless it’s engine power.

You can see how much faster the CD cars were vs the truly “stock” cars I try to Gonkulate for MCS.

Probably the only really stock CD car was the Buick. I’d consider the Chevelle “stock”, but usually the L34 Holley secondary didn’t open in most road tests – this is a rare L34 that was running right. So “stock” I guess. Maybe the 442 was just a lucky “loose” engine, well tuned – the article refers to its “4bbl” so it was not an L69-6v and therefore not a W30 car.

The GTO and the FoMoCo’s were definitely not stock, but they did follow the rules of “dealer available”. Except the straight-thru mufflers maybe.

Definitely a GM-biased test when you look at the scoring. Like, they seem to LIKE a mushy-shifting automatic. Maybe in an LTD but c’mon, these are muscle cars! Maybe they were kinda glad Mopar didn’t show up with a Hemi car.

The only “top option” car, technically, was in fact, the GTO.
Ford offered the 427 Fairlane (ok, a few), Olds offered the L69-6v and the W30 (again only a few), buick offered a 4-speed and maybe a faster Qjet Nailhead, and Chevy offered the L78. Well then again maybe these cars were 1966 and not 1966-1/2. Of course the GTO had ram air which was a 1966-1/2 option (disallowed by NHRA at Pomona).

And since the article DID say “any optional equipment that can be purchased on the car from the dealer is acceptable”, I’m surprised the GTO didn’t show up with a 421ho under the hood. Maybe it did. Did the Comet have a 427mr? Probably not or it wouldn’t have blown up. What about an L72 for the Chevelle? They practically invited “ringers”.

All that said, they (CD) rated the cars OVERALL as:
181 Olds 442
167 Chevelle L34
157 GTO-6v
155 Buick GS
91 Fairlane GTA
90 Comet GT
So I guess they’d rather have the 442 as the Comet AND the Fairlane. I’d rather have the pair, even with the blown engine.

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