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When a relay is making a clicking sound with the key on is it low voltage, or bad ground?

February 10 2018 at 5:42 PM

Mike U  (Login mtrain)

I'm still working on that pos 05 Nissan, and for some reason I can get it to briefly run on starting fluid, but the injectors aren't pulsing.

I bought another used ecm, along with the matching key, ign switch, and immobilizer [security box].

So now I'm getting fuel to the injectors, and voltage with the key on, but they obviously aren't opening.

When I turn the key switch on the fuel relay starts clicking, along with the fuel pump. I disconnected the pump, and the relay is still clicking. I swapped two different relays from a spare fuse box, and still get the clicking.

Fuse going to the relay is testing good for 12v.

I'm going for a hail Mary, and taking the POS to a local shop to let them scan it as I'm still getting the same U1000 code I've gotten with three different ecms.

On a happy note, there is someone interested in my Shell Valley Cobra, and I was able to get the battery charged up, and the engine running this week so it wasn't a total loss.

Man it was good to hear the sound of that old FE vs that POS Nissan I've been working on.

New cars suck.

FTR, if the shops scan don't turn up something definite the Nissan is going on Craigslist for a very cheap price, as I'm done with it

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