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Gonna make an authentic HM cowl plenum or batwing breather assembly...

February 10 2018 at 7:25 PM

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Response to My 66 7-LITRE

I had an unused/NOS one on the wall 30 yrs ago, next to a complete NOS 66-67 Chevelle Cowl plenum breather assembly for a few years. Very, very cool stuff, but almost no one "got it" back then. I saw lots of old race pics of them on Galaxies. After seeing John V's Starliner with one in the magazine back then, I wanted one on my street Galaxie, too.

But- the one I had was the widely flared version, which would have required me to trim if not remove the firewall VIN tag, rework the heater box (no a/c) and relocate the wiper motor. Between those details and no welding capacity, I sold it without using it on my old 67.

Fast forward to now, I will have one on my new 67. So am trying to get close with dimensions of the engine & position as installed without sticking my assembled engine back in just to measure it. Still need to do some work on the engine first and planning to clear the firewall of non-working factory a/c stuff.

Doing metal is still fun for me, around paying stone sculpture work and endless eldercare. A more fluent metal friend will be in the area in a few weeks and is planning on getting me moving on the project.....

I've got good measurements of the overall breather assembly and am starting tthe profile patterns. From what I've seen, there seems to be some variation in the length -carb center to firewall- of the actual assembly. Some longer ones had the rear portion of the floor curve up to narrow the opening. Others were straight with a larger opening, but not sure whether or not those were just cut off. Probably cut to fit, whether by the original race teams or subsequent owners.

I still have the screen used to cover the rear opening of the breather I had. There are used cf versions on eBay that I could get and use as a model or pattern, but there's enough differences that I don't think they're worth it. Need to get a couple of the filters to make sure what I make actually fits the filter it uses. There's been an original Fram filter on eBay for one forever, but can get the same thing from Wix for a 59 Cadillac for much less $$. Someone here told me about that cross reference in a related thread here- thanks very much. I also have the PI intake with carbs here to make sure everything clears linkage, carb bowls, etc. as the project proceeds.

No interest in doing a half-baked "see, I did it myself" effort. It'll be right, just like my stone work. I've got long manifolds, marine pentroofs to paint, big fuel filter and this PI intake to go with this breather. Should look pretty great when it finally comes together, no chrome glitz, just great parts.

So I need good info and figured I would ask here before heading to the junkyard. Lots of earlier FE galaxies around in various garages around here, just not many later ones.
1967 Galaxie 500 Red original Q code 428
1967 Galaxie 500 White with Black stripes 428PI clone- car is dead & long gone, sold near Oak Ridge TN 2000, would love to find it.....
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