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Hey chilly

February 10 2018 at 7:51 PM
Marc H  (Select Login turbohunter)

Response to Thanks

I've been after my brother to build us some gaskets for a while now and he wants to help.
For those that don't know my brother owns SCE gaskets.
We have a working gasket that's been in development/service now for a while. It's meant to be an everyday runner. I've had one running in my 400 hp 500 ft lb truck for about two years now. I'm after him to get us a thinner gasket and also a larger bore size so that he stocks two sizes. One for small bore and one for large bore. The problem is that he's been moving the company to Nashville and out of California. And we are a small part of his sales so we have to wait. The good news is that the company is settling down now and we should be rolling again soon.
As far as your gasket needs. What heads are you running? If you're running iron heads than the small bore gaskets hang out a bit around the sides of the chamber. Having said that I've been running a set in D2 heads for a couple years now with no problem. The fire ring is extra thick and sturdy.
If you're running modern chambers in aluminum heads you'll have no problems.
[linked image][linked image]

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