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February 10 2018 at 9:20 PM
Dan  (Login 32bantam)

Response to Where did I miss the chassis/engine combo

Hey John,

Well I'd like say it's got a 500" SOHC mounted to a Vdrive in the bed and I just can't figure which way I want the flames to shoot out the Zoomies but I'd be lying to ya!

I talked to you the other day about an inverted fuel pump. It's an 83 Ranger that has what appears to be the old Hooker Header swap kit with a 302 and a 68 Torino toploader mounted to an 80's truck bell with a forward facing stock type slave cylinder for the clutch. With that the engine is lower and farther back than most others I've seen making things a touch tighter. On a hotrod I'd keep the full length Super Comps that were on it any day....being I'm toning it down for daily duty with a boring stock 302, being able to remove/replace a starter, steering box, slave cylinder etc. without fighting rusty steel multi piece headers is a plus.

However my question only pretains to the current basic quality of the cheap headers not the fit in any way to mine or the original application. Basically if anyone bought any of the Ebay headers and had a good or bad opinion of them when they opened the box was all I was after. If someone who has used the Doug Thorley or Scott Drake SS tri-Y early Mustang headers Summit sells has compaired them to Ebay knockoffs and had an opinion of one vs the other that would be very very useful. What I have seen is mostly useless but brand name headers are rather crude and seem worse than ever lately. Such as I have a set of B9 headers that were $1400 and had a better shot at fitting a Dodge van than a Mustang. The owner could not return those so I rerouted a few things and made them work out okay. Still I've seen guys luck out buying things I never would of considered such as Streetrod ramshorn headers for $40 shipped that are nicer than anything Sanderson has ever sent me.

Anyway I got it blown apart last night and I'm heading to Summit tomorrow to eyeball a few things and pickup the 50oz flywheel for the newer replacement.

Thanks guys!

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