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Oh, but it would have felt better. I've told you the Gerald Vice story?

February 10 2018 at 9:46 PM

Mike U  (Login mtrain)

Response to Not nearly as dramatic though and

I'm sure I told the Gerald Vice story here, Oh well, it won't hurt to tell it again.

Back when I was working autoparts my father had lost his first store to his ex so he went independent.

We worked out of a small store with just the two of us. Bad thing was that dad gave just about all of his old buddies, schoolmates, etc, credit.

Gerald Vice was a friend of his, and was a pulp wood trucker most of the time, other times he was a shade tree mechanic.

Ol GV built an engine for a guy, and installed it into the car. Well, the engine ran hot, so GV pulled it, and bought new gaskets, and a new waterpump, and built it again.

Well, the engine ran hot AGAIN. So GV pulled it yet again, took it all apart, put it all back together, and this time bought a new radiator.

After getting everything back into the car, starting the engine, guess what................yep, it ran hot AGAIN!!!!

This time GV didn't get mad, he went, and got his trusty AX, and chopped the ever living $hit out of that old car. He chopped the battery, split the carb damned near perfectly in half, all of the tire, all glass, there wasn't even a 3" radius between chop marks on the body. GV said he chopped so much he had to sit down, and smoke a cigarette then finish the job.

Most everyone who heard about this laughed their ass off, all but my father, and the owner of the car.

I saw the car, and wish I had taken a few picture of it. Now I think this story has been circulated around the net, but it originated with me, and it did happen.

So yes, I have came VERY NEAR pulling a GV on this car. Nobody is going to buy it like it is, as some new cars just can't be economically repaired.

The only true option I have, since I sell cars, is just to buy another Altima, same year, tran, options, and just swap parts until the engine starts, then buy the part that fixed the problem. Then sell the used car. [unless it is a ground, or wiring issue.]

FTR, I bought a new battery, checked the fusible links, fuses, cables, and still haven't found the problem.

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