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True but didn't Jay's intake comparo show the Streetmaster...

February 11 2018 at 7:53 AM
Bob  (Login machoneman)

Response to In this case the weight is worth the difference in performance

as the best single carb, non-tunnel ram intake? Get the weight savings and the best intake still available although it would be used and a tad hard to find.

With chops to Dr. Brown!

I have the following comments on these results:

1. Were all a bunch of idiots. NOBODY picked the Streetmaster to win. Most of us picked it to finish LAST. As an FE guy, Im ashamed of myself. Lets all keep this quiet, so that the price of Streetmasters on ebay doesnt go up (I bought mine for $115 two weeks ago LOL!)

2. Many of the dual planes make more low end torque than the Streetmaster, but by 3200 RPM it is passing most of them up, and by 3800 RPM it is making the most torque.

3. The Performer RPM actually makes more average HP, across the range, than the Streetmaster, by 0.6 HP. However, the Streetmaster makes more average torque, by about 1.5 foot pounds. Down low, the Performer RPM makes more torque, but up high, the Streetmaster makes more power.

4. The F427 is pathetic. The only mitigating factor may be the ports are so small that they could be limiting the performance. Ill find out more about this in my next intake shootout, where Ill be port matching all the intakes to 427MR heads. But the F427 will have to pick up a LOT to catch the other intakes.

5. The Blue Thunder was disappointing, to me anyway. I figured it would come on strong at the higher engine speeds, but it really didnt. Go figure.

Heres a final little tidbit of information. We get lots of questions on the FE Forum about which of these intakes will fit on the shaker equipped Mustangs. I had never had the collection of intakes next to each other for measurement purposes, so Shoe and I took the opportunity to look at this. The factory cast iron CJ intake and the BT intake have the carb in exactly the same spot. The PI intake has the carb moved towards the rear of the intake about 1/8. The F427 intake has the carb moved to the rear about 3/8. The Performer RPM has the carb moved to the rear of the intake by about ¾. Ive got to believe that this would cause a clearance problem with the shaker.

And the Streetmaster has the carb in exactly the same position as the cast iron CJ intake and the BT intake, so Ill bet the Streetmaster would work just fine with the shaker!

Yikes, what fun this was! You guys have no idea. Stay tuned for my next intake comparo, involving a total of 20 intakes, and all port matched to MR heads, to be tested on my 428CJ with a bigger cam, better heads, and more compression, coming this summer

Jay Brown

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