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Gain and loss

February 11 2018 at 8:08 AM

Ross  (Login Bad427stang)

Response to True but didn't Jay's intake comparo show the Streetmaster...

Bob, you are right, and so is Royce, however, I think sometimes we get wrapped around the axle with dyno numbers

Jay's test on one engine showed the CJ intake at 398 HP / 475 TQ, that same engine was 399 HP / 470 TQ with the PI. HP higher, torque lower with the PI

The Streetmaster ported was 412 HP / 477 TQ, unported was 400/469. No doubt the ported SM was the king of peaks, but the others were so close I'd consider it inconclusive, on that engine, in that configuration and tune.

The same three calculated averages, has SM at 336/420 average (320/422 unported), CJ at 328/424 average and the PI 325/416

I do think that in the right combo, it's clear the ported SM will win a drag race, but on the street, (minus the porting) I'd say that all of those manifolds are within spitting distance

Royce please correct me if I am wrong, you were there, but if I remember right, Jay did not do any carb tuning optimize for the intakes either.

Don't get me wrong, I really like the CJ intake, it runs with the best of them, but if I balanced the weight, power, ease of installation, machining and repair, I'd be hard pressed to run any iron intake on anything but a resto

[linked image]
- 70 Fastback Mustang, 489 cid FE, Victor, SEFI, TKO-600 5 speed, 4.11 9 inch.
- 71 F100 shortbed 4x4, 445 cid FE, headers, RPM intake, 1000 HP series Holley, 4 speed

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