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Effects of too much cam advance?

February 11 2018 at 7:15 PM
Chillymerc  (Login chillymerc)

Way back in 2000 I had a 390 rebuilt, going in my F250 at the time. Machine shop asked if I wanted it advanced, knowing it was going in a truck. What I didn’t know back then was many cams are ground with 4* or so advance included

So that motor ended up in my 63 Marauder, runs ok but I was never really happy with it, chassis dyno’d right at 300rwhp, so a 350-360hp combo. Seemed weak for performer rpm intake, bowl blended edelbrocks, headers, 270H....but Barry dynod almost the exact same combo and his numbers and peaks jived with mine so I lived with it.

Tearing it down to repaint and get gaskets in it as it’s leaking from every possible junction, picked up a set of BBMs and a small roller as well. I degreed the cam tonight just out of curiosity and to brush up on using the wheel as it’s been a long time. So it’s advanced 8* to a 102ICL. My understanding is this would generally help a low compression deal, but is there a point of diminishing returns? My guess is this is like carb spacers, lots of variables and you have to experiment to determine what’s best. I think I’m sticking to running the roller at 110LSA 106 ICL, any thoughts?

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