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My F427 story...

February 11 2018 at 8:24 PM

DaleP  (Login Posi-67)

Response to Thanks Kris - top 2 428cj road test MPH were both early 68

Many years ago I had one but never used it. A guy in our town had a tired 428 CJ 4 speed car and was always pissed that his car didn't run better than my 390 or later 427. He begged me to sell him the F427 which I did for $100.00. After swapping intakes he wanted his money back because his car ran exactly the same. It was Aluminum so we all assumed it would be faster. This was before JayB was born I think.

Anyway, he then did the .600 lift 427 cam upgrade and once again gained nothing. Car never made it out of the 13's so he traded it in to a corner lot for a Monte Carlo. Some kid bought it, blew the motor and Daddy bought him a new one and sold the car. That car is still sitting in a garage in Winnipeg some 40 years later as far as I know. Don Fotti knows where it is. When new, it looked just like his but with a 4 Speed.

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