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Run the compression numbers and see....

February 12 2018 at 2:35 AM
Brent Lykins  (Login blykins)

Response to Effects of too much cam advance?

If the compression will allow it, I'd run that thing 6-8 degrees advanced and not think twice about it.

On a lot of my street combos, I have the cams ground 6 degrees advanced and I have not seen horsepower suffer because of it. Sometimes it's quite the contrary and you can tell that an engine is more efficient as you will keep pulling fuel out of it in comparison to other similar combos. In lower compression engines, DCR will go up, which means power goes up.

Honestly, I don't think you'd lose any horsepower at all (and may gain), but would definitely gain some low-end snap and throttle response.

Take a few minutes and take some measurements. I believe those were my BBM heads, so the build sheet should have a chamber volume on it. Should be easy to measure how far the pistons are down, get the volume off the pistons, and go from there.

My custom camshaft too, right? Post the specs and I'll help you sort the combo out.

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