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So Kris the early FACTORY cars had PI intakes?? "A" vs "C" about 10 ponies?

February 12 2018 at 8:52 AM

WerbyFord  (Login werbyford)

Response to Re: I wouldnt say that the A

Whoa, I didn't know the early FACTORY 428cj cars had PI intakes - was this just the 50 for Pomona or factory cars in general?
(didn't that run of SuperStock cars use the 427 Med Riser intake?)

On the "A" vs "C" if you can give any hints -
On a stock 428cj, would the "A be say 5ftlb or 10ftlb better than the "C"?
I am pondering adding an "A" intake to the Gonkulator database but it would have to be with empirical tweaks, not much else to go on.

Good discussion I am learning a lot here too.
Now really wondering, when Ford Muscle Parts said the 428pi was 7hp better than the 428cj intake, did they really dyno that change ALONE or just guess? It does seem to conflict with all the other dyno data. Maybe they tested a 427 MedRiser intake and figured, "well, the PI intake is about the same" ???

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