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I gotta wonder Tom, God don't miss. Hard to figure that one out.[sign]. As a christian

February 12 2018 at 2:47 PM

Mike U  (Login mtrain)

Response to tree failure

As a believer in God, and due to some really upset type talking I did with him about the car on the day before this, I can't believe it was a coincidence that the tree missed the car.

It would seem that He is trying to tell me to see it through, and learn something. Oh, and I have learned something already.

1. Don't ever buy another obd2 type foreign car.

2. Don't ever try to increase performance of an obd2 foreign car [where this car a Mustang I would bet I would have more avenues of what was wrong as there are more Mustang enthusiast [car guys, mechanics], and used parts are plentiful, and cheaper vs imports.

3. NEVER buy another Nissan no matter what year.

4. Get out of the hot rodding hobby, too old to have this kinda stress. Not to mention, my wife is getting close to giving up on me due to all of this crap.

5. Also, I'm pretty sure for some reason or the other God just don't like cars. I've never had good luck praying for a solution of any car problem I've ever had. So, I keep my mouth shut about it [on the praying side, of course the bitching side, I can't seem to keep my mouth shut].

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